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Having Options - Peace of Mind is an initiative for the innovation of ageing and smart retirement solutions targeting younger and older age-groups alike.

Learn on this platform about healthy lifestyles, new forms of living and housing, latest research findings on various themes and gain access to special opportunities.

Our Mission

  • is an initiative for smart retirement solutions and the innovation of ageing.
  • We believe there is a lot of anxiety around the topic of getting older, e.g. health issues, financial uncertainties, and the general perception of age in society.
  • We aim to contribute to finding solutions and making them accessible here.
  • For now, we are listening – and want to understand the pain-points and concerns of various groups of society.
  • We will build a community of businesses, researchers, innovators, businesses, seniorpreneurs, and anybody else interested.
  • We actively invite the young generations - we target Gen Z, Millennials and anybody else and want to support them to think ahead with pleasure and optimism.
  • Join us – as a individual or business and we look forward to connect. Stay tuned and you have access to our solutions in the future.

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