IBN Love Ocean

Published: October 5, 2021

Love Ocean is located in Kuantan, Pahang. Overlooking South China Sea, the city is 278km away from Kuala Lumpur (approximately 4-hour car ride away) and 380km away from Singapore. Love Ocean is a development project managed and funded by IBN Lovocean Sdn Bhd. It combines beautiful sea view with accommodation such as hotels to provide a unique experiential vacation experience.
The project covers a total land area of 1,710,080 m2 with a floor area ratio of 0.95 – buildings covering a land area of 1,060,800 m2. The nett floor area is 915,700 m2 including 744,800 m2 for apartment, 118,700 m2 for hotel, 15,900 m2 for resort, 34,100 m2 for commercial area and 2,200 m2 for others; The basement and surrounding exterior shared areas covered with roof takes up 145,100 m2.