IBN Green City

Published: October 5, 2021

Located at Serendah, Selangor, Malaysia, Green City is embraced by mountains and rivers, creating a comfortable environment and high value for mountain residence. The project covers a land area of 9,651.9 hectare (1,590 acre). It aims to create a holiday resort based on idyllic mountain forest by devoting considerable funds to merge together various optimum natural environmental elements, including the mountain range and river network. In the master plan, there are residential and public facilities such as a megamall, one-stop education system from kindergarten to high school, ecological park, golf course, train and bus stations. Phase I of this project will take up a land area of 1,402 hectare (231 acre) with a total built-up area of 296,700 m2, including 136,000 m2 for villas, 65,000 m2 for high-end apartments, 45,000 m2 for commercial facilities and 4,700 m2 for community centre. The project is taking shape as one of the most popular tourism and cultural centres in Malaysia.